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  • Durga Puja

Muted celebrations this Durga Puja

2020-10-24T15:15:15+00:0024 Oct 2020|Blog|

The festive season brings cheers across India. It kicks off with the Durga Puja celebrated with much fervour from in [...]

  • Towards Zero Hunger Achyuta Samanta

Towards Zero Hunger

2020-10-17T16:48:04+00:0017 Oct 2020|Blog|

Food is an essential requirement for functioning of all essential life processes. It is vital for good health and for [...]

  • Visionary Leadership Naveen Patnaik Odisha

Visionary Leadership

2020-10-10T07:06:06+00:003 Oct 2020|Blog|

Corona has tightened its grip all over the world. While the deadly disease has gradually spread across the nation, Odisha [...]

Combating Human Trafficking

2020-10-10T07:06:07+00:0030 Jul 2020|Blog|

Human Trafficking is a crime. It is a grave violation of Human Rights. It has emerged as the most heinous [...]

Mandela, Gandhi and KISS

2020-10-10T07:06:07+00:0018 Jul 2020|Blog|

Today happens to be Mandela Day. Gandhi- Mandela dream comes to life in one corner of India, state of Odisha, [...]

Utilising Demographic Dividend

2020-10-10T07:06:07+00:0011 Jul 2020|Blog|

Today is the World Population Day. It is celebrated every July 11 to spread awareness about the exploding world population and the [...]

Reduced Syllabus: My views

2020-10-10T07:06:07+00:0010 Jul 2020|Blog|

Times are different now. The students are suffering each day, primarily because of staying at home, doing or trying to [...]

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